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At Gerber Financial Services, we hold the key to your door of life opportunities. Everyone has different goals and dreams for their families and because of this, our team is focused on providing customized advice for our clients, tailored to their own situations. Life can get hectic.

It can feel like a balancing act when managing your career and family. Our main objective is to help simplify your financial life so you can spend more time with the people you care about. Your success is our success. 

It’s important to us that we are always up front and honest with you about how we get paid. We receive commission income when we provide you with investment and/or insurance solutions. Like any business, this pays our rent, staff costs, dealer fee, professional fees and compliance fees as well as providing for our income. Our earnings are linked to your financial success and we have the same goals as you.






Manulife Ideal Signature SelectTM

Everyone wants a comfortable retirement. Segregated fund contracts, with their built-in guarantees and other benefits, may be a good option. For added flexibility, look into Manulife Ideal Signature Select. It’s built to help maximize your protection in down markets, and access growth potential in up markets.

All you have to do is get started.

Manulife Ideal Signature Select™ can help with:

Saving years
While building a nest egg, you need to customize your retirement plan in the way that works best for you. Manulife Ideal Signature Select lets you lay the groundwork.

Growth potential – A range of fund choices gives you lots of options. 

Guarantees – Maturity Benefit Guarantees1 ensure that when your investment matures (you have held it for a set number of years) you’re guaranteed to receive at least a portion or all (75% or 100%)2 of your investment back, no matter how markets have performed. Death Benefit Guarantees specify that your beneficiaries will receive a set amount of the premiums you have paid. 

Resets3 – Growth is critically important in these years, and resets may let you reflect market gains. Over time, resets can make a big difference to your guaranteed amount. They help you benefit when the market goes up, and protect you when it drops.

Transition years
The years leading up to your retirement are critical. When you’re ready to transition from saving to retirement, Manulife Ideal Signature Select can help make sure you’re protected and prepared:

Protection – The five years before and five years after retirement can have a magnified impact on how comfortable your future will be. That’s because market drops during this period can devastate your savings, without any opportunity to catch up. Resets and guarantees at maturity and at death help protect your assets2.

Retirement years
You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have access to market growth, and protection against market drops with dollar-for-dollar reductions2.

Peace of mind – The Payout Benefit Guarantee, combined with its dollar-for-dollar reductions, works extra hard to manage risk for people who are drawing income from a retirement income plan.

To learn more about Manulife Ideal Signature Select, please click here or contact us.


1Choice of maturity date applies only to Ideal 75/100 and Ideal 100/100 Series. For Ideal 75/75 Series, the Series Maturity Date for non-registered savings plans and TFSAs is the Annuitant’s 100th birthday. For registered savings plans, it will be December 31st of the year in which the Annuitant reaches the legislative age limit for maturing registered savings plans. Certain conditions may apply. Please refer to the Information Folder and Contract for more details.
2Certain conditions apply; ask your advisor for more details.
3Available on Ideal 75/100 Series and Ideal 100/100 Series


Term Insurance

Whether you are looking to protect your family or your business, Term life insurance offers affordable and flexible protection you can customize to meet your temporary and growing needs.

You can choose term life coverage that protects you for 10 or 20 years or until you reach age 65 or age 100.

Family Term from Manulife Financial

The flexible design of Family Term provides you and your family with affordable protection that can be adapted to your family’s changing lifestyle, income and needs.

Family Term gives your loved ones the financial security to:

  • Maintain a comfortable lifestyle
  • Pay off existing debts – like your mortgage
  • Fund long term investment needs like educational savings plans or RSPs

Plus, you can adjust your Family Term insurance as your needs change, using a wide range of options called ‘riders’, such as Children’s Protection Rider (adding coverage for children), Total Disability Waiver (waiving premiums if you become disabled) and more.
For information on Family Term, please contact me or click here.

Business Term from Manulife Financial

The simple structure and flexible features of Business Term allow you to protect the key elements of your business so you can be sure it will carry forward with minimal disruption.

The affordable and easy-to-manage design of Business Term creates financial security for your business with:

  • Key person protection
  • Business collateral and buy-sell funding
  • Estate tax coverage

Your Business Term insurance can be customized using options called ‘riders’, such as Business Value Protector (adding additional coverage as your business grows), Total Disability Waiver (waiving premiums if you become disabled) and more.

For more information on Business Term Insurance, please contact us or click here.

Family Term and Business Term are registered trademarks of and are offered through Manulife Financial (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company).

Investment & Asset Management

  • Goal setting and Required Rate of Return
  • Asset allocation based on personal goals and objectives
  • Ensuring investment selection is inline with goals & risk tolerance
  • Tax efficiency of Investments
  • Fee Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring and goal checks

Corporations and Businesses

  • Business Risk Management
  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Group RSP
  • Tax Efficiency of Business Income
  • Group Benefits

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Income Projection and Analysis  
  • Pension Analysis
  • Severance
  • TFSA or RSP ?
  • Goal Setting
  • CPP and OAS Analysis


  • Capital Needs and Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Education Planning     
  • Short term goal planning 
  • Debt Management
  • Beneficiary audit